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Matt Banyard

Creative Technology


The Eurovision opening ceremony came with a colossal brief - 40 minutes of continuous projection mapping across a huge building. Time coded visuals had to follow the choreography of multiple performances, synchronized not only with light and sound, but also a live drone show. I creative directed the project, working with the production company and event team to concept designs, leading a team of 7 designers throughout production, as well as creating visuals myself. Close collaboration with the projection and AV teams was required, as well as a constant communication with the drone animation team to ensure our visuals could synchronize, creating a sense of continuous animation from the building into the sky. The unique design of building came with enormous challenges. The pillars across the front of the 140m structure presented a very difficult surface to project onto. We settled on an innovative dual surface approach, whereby the pillars and back wall received 2 different outputs, that were synced together. This allowed us to create a striking effect where the projection appeared to weave between the pillars, creating a stunning interplay between foreground and background. This was only made possible by using the latest high-lumen short throw projection systems provided by QED.

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